Who's that girl?


Maggie has been singing and acting from early on. She used to perform for her family as a toddler using only sounds because she couldn't yet speak. Her parents fondly called this "Magganese". Since then, Maggie has thankfully learned how to use words everyone can understand, but has kept the enthusiasm to perform whenever she can!

Maggie is a Michigan native who went to pursue her undergraduate at Baldwin Wallace University. Then, in small shift from the Midwest, moved to England to earn her MFA from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire (she's always up for a new adventure). 

In her free time Maggie loves to bake, run, hike, attempt to get better at pilates, dance in formal classes and at home to Disney songs, read any book she can get her hands on, and take opportunities to explore new places with people she loves. She enjoys playing the ukulele and piano, and loves swing music. She loves coffee 'dates' with anyone and everyone who has a passion they like to talk about.